Enjoy Duty Free Shopping in Clark Freeport Zone in Angeles City in the Philippines

One of the thrills of visiting the city of Angeles is that you can go duty free shopping in Clark Freeport. Whatever you may fancy, you will likely find it here, and at a price that you will like.

What is Available

The stores here sell an assortment of items and products, from food, furniture, home appliances like stereos, TVs, computers, DVD players and cellphones; there are a wide array of drinks and beverages to choose from; also on sale are shoes, T-Shirts, eyewear, perfumes, colognes, detergents, kitchen utilities and many more. All the products here are imported, mainly from America but also increasingly feature products from other countries like Japan and China.

Unlike other shopping malls, only passengers that have just arrived (local and foreign) may go duty free shopping in Clark Freeport. When you enter the site you need to present your passport to the personnel at the Registration Center, after which you will be handed a card you can use for buying stuff. If you want you can utilize a credit card for purchasing (major brands are accepted).

There are also foreign exchange centers for those who want to use the local currency when shopping. Aside from the US greenback, the Euro is also accepted, as well as the UK Pound, Saudi Riyal, Swiss Franc, and other currencies. The area encompassing the whole economic zone is more than 2,000 hectares, and among the many stores there are Puregold, the Clark Liberty Warehouse, the Balikbayan Shopping Mall, the Oriental Duty Free, Parkson Duty Free, Value City Sales and a lot more.

Location and Cost

If you want to go duty free shopping in Clark Freeport, you simply have to drive over to the Clark Special Eco Zone (or Clark SEZ), and there you will find these stores. The money you need to bring here will depend on what you intend to buy. Even though the prices here are very low due to competition, it is always a good idea to have a list of the items you want to purchase. If you are just looking for gifts, having some idea of how many you need is ideal so you do not overspend.

There are a lot of things that you can do when you are in the beautiful city of Angeles, and with its very competitive prices, duty free shopping in Clark Freeport is definitely one of them.

Pilanesberg National Park – South Africa – Transition Zone Between the Kalahari and Wetter Lowveld

The crater of a long extinct volcano is the setting of Pilanesberg National Park – a fascinating alkaline complex produced by volcanic eruptions some 1300 million years ago.

Pilanesberg is one of the largest volcanic complexes of its kind in the world. Its rare rock types and structure make it a unique geological feature.

The early presence of man can be seen in the numerous Stone and Iron Age sites that are scattered throughout the park.

The park exists within the transition zone between the dry Kalahari and wetter Lowveld vegetation, commonly referred to as “Bushveld”. Unlike any other large park, unique overlaps of mammals, birds and vegetation occur because of this transition zone.

The colourful hues, varied habitats and panoramas will delight and entertain photographers and visitors. Off the centre of the park is Thabayadiotso, “the Proud Mountain” and the beauty of Pilanesberg is reflected in a large central lake, the Mankwe Dam.


An abundance of wild life proliferate in 580 km of diverse and arresting bushveld terrain. The park is home to healthy populations of lion, leopard, black and white rhino, elephant and buffalo – Africa’s “Big Five”.

A wide variety of rare and common species exist with endemic species like the nocturnal brown hyaena, the fleet-footed cheetah, the majestic sable, as well as giraffe, zebra, hippo and crocodile, to mention but a few.


Bird watching is excellent with over 300 species recorded. Some are migrants, others permanent inhabitants; some eat carrion or live prey, others eat seeds, fruit or tiny water organisms.

There is a self-guided trail in the Walking Area at Manyane Complex in the east, which offers environmental education whilst enjoying game viewing and bird watching on foot. Also at Manyane is a walk-in aviary with over 80 species of indigenous birds.


Visitors are offered many opportunities to experience the wonders of Pilanesberg. There are nearly 200 kilometres of excellent quality roads for either self-drives or guided drives, and professional guides operate within the park.

Numerous hides and scenic picnic sites enable the tourist to experience “out-of-car” experiences as well.

Guests staying in the Pilanesberg Game Reserve or Day-Visitors are invited to join any of these unique and extraordinary African Adventures.

In the middle of the park is the Pilanesberg Centre, a lovely old building that once served as the local magistrate’s court.

How to get there:

By road the Pilanesberg is situated 60 kms from Rustenburg on the Thabazimbi road R510.

From Johannesburg or Pretoria follow the signs to Sun City.

Health & Climate:

Pilanesberg National Park is situated in a in the malaria-free area.

Astral Projection – What is the Realtime Zone?

When you find yourself out of body from using an Astral Projection technique, you might find yourself in the real-time zone. It can be described as a dimension that lies more close to our own reality. It’s not a strange place like some of the other astral dimensions can exhibit.

When you begin to explore your surroundings you may find that it looks almost the same as your physical world. But you may find that some things don’t add up. You may find furniture in your house that does not belong there, and other things might be missing or have changed places, this is called reality fluctuations. This is nothing to worry about so don’t pay too much attention to this.

Since this place is so close to our physical world you can explore every aspect of it. You can go anywhere simply by the power of your thoughts. Fly up into the air and through the clouds, you can go even further out and observe our planet from orbit. There is really not limit to where you can go; you can break any speed barriers since the speed of thought is infinite! Just be sure you have learned to control your astral body or otherwise you might blast yourself out from the solar system or even further out.

Staying in the Real-time zone can be difficult if you are new to Astral Projection. You should try some energy building techniques before you begin your Astral Projection attempts. This will increase the energy to your real-time body and will increase your available time there.