Guide to Explore Arathi Highlands Achievement

Arathi Highlands is a wide, open and vast World of Warcraft zone, and home to a number of different factions. Players aiming on obtaining the Explore Arathi Highlands achievement can start in a number of different locations and need simply to do a wide, circling arc of it. Use the following guide to exploring the area and get every location as you explore the zone!

Explore Arathi Highlands Guide

You can start on the western side of the zone at Thoradin’s Wall (20,29). From here, go on to the Circle of West Binding (24,29) and then north to Northfold Manor (32,28). Travel southeast to Boulder’gor (36,55), and then proceed to Refuge Pointe (45,47). Be careful when you reach Refuge Pointe if you are Horde player as it is an Alliance camp and is patrolled by hostile NPCs that will attack you!

Next, travel northeast to Dabyrie’s Farmstead (55,38) and then to the Circle of East Binding (66,29). Hammerfall (73,35) is next and it is a Horde camp, so it needs to be skirted with care by Alliance players. Go to the Circle of Outer Binding (51,51) next, and then to Go’Shek Farm (62,57). Travel to Witherbark Village (68,65) next. If you are not above Level 50, be careful of the large amount of Troll mobs here.

The final pass goes along the southern border of the zone. First, go to Boulderfist Hall (54,76), then Thandol Span (45,88), then up and around to the Circle of Inner Binding (35,58) and Stromgarde Keep (25,64).

Finally, go behind Stromgarde Keep and behind the hills there. Swim out into the ocean and around the rocky outcropping until you reach Faldir’s Cove (26,82). You can see a ship moored at this location.

Obtaining the Explore Arathi Highlands WoW achievement should take around 20 and 40 minutes if you are a high level character on a good mount!

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Guide to Explore Alterac Mountains Achievement

The first World of Warcraft achievement in the exploration of Eastern Kingdoms requires you to travel to Alterac Mountains, the relatively empty zone located directly north of Hillsbrad Foothills. Far less populated compared to other zones, it has become a zone with quite a bit of lore – however many players never quite finish exploring it, if only because there has never been a reason to previously! Use the following guide to exploring Alterac Mountains to obtain the achievement quickly and with ease.

Explore Alterac Mountains Guide

The easiest way to start this zone is to come in from the south or from Chillwind Point (74,48). You will need to get to the Chillwind Point location on the far eastern side of the map then head west for the rest of your exploration points.

The southern border of the map have five distinct locations to explore, many of them very close together, meaning you will need to do some careful walking. Starting with Sofera’s Maze (59,66), then going on to Corrahn’s Dagger (48,70), the Headland (39,80), and Gavin’s Naze (33,82), you will travel in and out of a series of finger-like protrusions or rocks.

The last point on the southern part of the zone is Lordamere Internment Camp (20,85). After this, travel north to the Dalaran Crater (14,65), followed by Growless Cave (37,67), Gallow’s Corner (32,56), the Ruins of Alterac (38,50), and Crushridge Hold (49,41). The Misty Shore (30,32) and Dandred’s Fold (38,18) are next and then there are the Uplands (50,19) and Strahnbrad (62,43).

A quick loop of the zone will take around 30 minutes and the Explore Alterac Mountains WoW achievement can be gotten easily as long as you play it out correctly!