The First-Timer’s Guide To Camping On The Nueces River

Camping along the Nueces River means becoming acquainted with the outdoors & enjoying some might fine Nueces River cabins. Campers are now spoiled with camp sites that can cater to them in a way that makes them feel as though they never left home. Factor in average water temperatures in the low 70s and a length of over 300 miles, and there’s a lot to excite anyone thinking about heading to the Nueces River.

Though some are veterans of the river cabin experience, there are many more who are facing their first time outdoors. As the river’s name entails (a loose translation of ‘nueces’ would be ‘nuts’), first-timers might feel a little crazy & out of their comfort zone. But as most travel experts will tell you, when you’re traveling in the Texas Hill Country along the Nueces River, you just need to keep in mind a few general guidelines for getting the most out of your trip.

For instance, the cardinal rule of all trip planning is booking as early as possible. Camping, according to many travel experts, is enjoying a high degree of popularity. This means that if you wait too long, you could lose out on the cabin of your choice. After all, the Nueces River has been traced to European maps of the area dating back to the 1500s, so the secret of its wonders is out. As you start your planning, reference local city websites for event calendars & if you have time, call the chamber of commerce to see if there are times during the year (i.e., Spring Break or Memorial Day) that could pose scheduling problems.

You also need to be willing to be adventurous. Don’t just enjoy the splendor of your well-appointed cabin. Enjoy nature! Your proximity to the Nueces allow you to fish, swim, or go kayaking. You might even dip your toes in for a refreshing change of pace. Keep in mind that its waters are considered by many wildlife enthusiasts as some of the clearest in Texas. Visitors to Garner State Park in Concan, TX, for example, feel that their access to the Nueces River is what makes the trip complete. Don’t get left out of all the fun.

One thing to keep in mind is that access to area surrounding the rivers is likely on private property. This actually proves to be beneficial both to visitors & the environment because of the tremendous conservation effort made by the property owners. For example, In keeping with the notion good stewardship, Uvalde County has partnered with the HEB/Central Market Keep Texas Waterways Clean Program and invites volunteers to earn money for charity by cleaning the rivers in the area.

A stay in one of many Nueces River cabins may be the ultimate preferred getaway for you & your family. The only thing standing between you and a love of the outdoors is taking the first step. Don’t miss out!

Enjoy Duty Free Shopping in Clark Freeport Zone in Angeles City in the Philippines

One of the thrills of visiting the city of Angeles is that you can go duty free shopping in Clark Freeport. Whatever you may fancy, you will likely find it here, and at a price that you will like.

What is Available

The stores here sell an assortment of items and products, from food, furniture, home appliances like stereos, TVs, computers, DVD players and cellphones; there are a wide array of drinks and beverages to choose from; also on sale are shoes, T-Shirts, eyewear, perfumes, colognes, detergents, kitchen utilities and many more. All the products here are imported, mainly from America but also increasingly feature products from other countries like Japan and China.

Unlike other shopping malls, only passengers that have just arrived (local and foreign) may go duty free shopping in Clark Freeport. When you enter the site you need to present your passport to the personnel at the Registration Center, after which you will be handed a card you can use for buying stuff. If you want you can utilize a credit card for purchasing (major brands are accepted).

There are also foreign exchange centers for those who want to use the local currency when shopping. Aside from the US greenback, the Euro is also accepted, as well as the UK Pound, Saudi Riyal, Swiss Franc, and other currencies. The area encompassing the whole economic zone is more than 2,000 hectares, and among the many stores there are Puregold, the Clark Liberty Warehouse, the Balikbayan Shopping Mall, the Oriental Duty Free, Parkson Duty Free, Value City Sales and a lot more.

Location and Cost

If you want to go duty free shopping in Clark Freeport, you simply have to drive over to the Clark Special Eco Zone (or Clark SEZ), and there you will find these stores. The money you need to bring here will depend on what you intend to buy. Even though the prices here are very low due to competition, it is always a good idea to have a list of the items you want to purchase. If you are just looking for gifts, having some idea of how many you need is ideal so you do not overspend.

There are a lot of things that you can do when you are in the beautiful city of Angeles, and with its very competitive prices, duty free shopping in Clark Freeport is definitely one of them.

What Makes Granada’s Alhambra Palace So Magical?

The history of the Alhambra is linked to the geographical location where found, Granada; on a rocky hill with difficult access, on the banks of the Darro River, protected by mountains and surrounded by forest, among the oldest parts of the city, the Alhambra stands like an imposing castle with reddish tones in its ramparts as the outside of the delicate beauty of its interior.

Designed as a military zone, the Alhambra became the royal residence and the courtyard of Granada, in the midst of XIII, following the establishment of the nazarí de reino and the construction of the first palace, by the founding king Mohammed ibn Yusuf ben Nasr, better known as Alhamar.

Throughout the s. XIII, XIV and XV, the fortress has become a citadel with high walls and defense towers, which houses two main areas: the military zone or Alcazaba, the barracks of the royal guard, and the medina or city palace, where the famous Nazari palace and the remains of the houses of the nobles and commoners who lived there. The Palace of Charles V (which is built after the capture of the city in 1492 by the Catholic Kings), is also in the medina.

The monuments also has an independent palace in front of the Alhambra, surrounded by orchards and gardens, which was the greatest happiness of the Grenadian kings, Generalife.

The name Alhambra has its origins in an Arabic word meaning “red castle”, perhaps because of the hue of the towers and walls that completely surround the hill of La Sabica, which is under the light of silver-colored stars, but under the sun takes a golden hue. Although there is a more poetic explanation, narrated by Muslim chroniclers who speak of the construction of the Alhambra “under the torchlight. Originally created for military purposes, the Alhambra was an alcazaba (fortress), a palace (palace) and a small medina (city), all at the same time. This triple character helps us understand the many features of this monument.

There is no reference to the Alhambra as a royal residence until the 13th century, although the fortification existed since the 9th century. The first kings of Granada, the Ziritas, had their castles and palaces in the hills of Albaicin, and there remains only one of them. Zards monarchs were most likely the emirs who built the Alhambra, from 1238.

The founder of the dynasty, Muhammed Al-Ahmar, began with the restoration of the old fort. His work was completed by his son Muhammed II, whose immediate successors continued with the repairs. The palace building (called Casa Real Vieja) dates back to the 14th century and is the work of two great kings: Yusuf I and Muhammed V. Muhammed V, completed the embellishment of the palaces with the Lions Hall, as well as other pieces and fortifications.

The Alhambra became a Christian court in 1492 when the Catholic Kings conquered Granada. Subsequently, several structures to house the notables, the military barracks, a church and a Franciscan monastery were built.