Dijon Top Attractions, Nightlife, Shopping, Hotels and Travel Information

Dijon is the capital of Burgundy and situated in France. Burgundy is a place where you can find the home of dynasty of the Valois. Dijon is also famous for its foods and it is located at the wine producing region of Burgundy. After the Valois dynasty it was called as palaces of dukes.

Dijon By Eurostar

The most comfortable and easiest way to reach Dijon is Eurostar. Eurostar will take you from London to Dijon within 4:30 hrs, but you have to change in Paris and at Lyon to reach Dijon.

By air the nearest airport from Dijon is Geneva international airport (about 150km from Dijon) and Lyon saint Exupery airport (about 178kmfrom Dijon).

Dijon Attractions

Clemenceau Park: it is a quite and green space area which covers the area about 5,535 sq ft. In this park you can find many kinds of trees and plants and flowers.

Archaeological Museum: it is built at the end of 13th century. This museum shows relics discovered with in the area from Middle Ages times.

Fine Arts Museum: this museum is placed in the residence of the dukes of burgundy. This art museum is the largest art museum in the whole France. In this museum you can find collection of German and Swiss primitives, which is most important in France. Besides these collections you can also find French paintings, contemporary arts and rich artists.

Places of Dukes: Places of Dukes and Estate of Burgundy were built in 1450 to 1455, which includes apartments, rooms and ducal kitchens. The places of dukes are basically famous for the ducal kitchens.

Megazone Laser games Dijon: – It is a place situated in Rue Jacques Daguerre. It is a gaming zone where you can enjoy various kinds of games. It is a famous place for adventurous games.

Jungle Kid: – It is situated in rue Artisans, Quetigny. It is an amazing amusement park.

Hotels in Dijon

  • Hotel Ibis Dijon Central
  • Hotel Mercure Dijon Centre
  • Hotel Le Jura Dijon
  • Hotel Campanile Dijon Centre
  • Hotel Wilson
  • Hotel Kyriad Centre
  • Hotel Inn Dijon
  • Hotel Victor Hugo

Shopping in Dijon

Du vin au vert: it is a fine food and wine shop placed in the Dijon near the place de la republique. In this shop organic wines can found and are come from the reputed and independent vineyards.

Etat d’esprit: it is a spirit and substance shop with white walls and floors. In this shop you can find many products which are made by the mistress of house and designers. These products are fairly traded which will make your interior and your life lovelier.

There are some other shops in the Dijon

  • Exwuise ethique
  • Le Gourmet
  • Rose de Vergy
  • Au vieux millesime

Nightlife of Dijon

There are various bars, discos, pubs, and clubs in the city. These hot night spots make the city a rocking place. He peoples are night fun lovers. You can enjoy various kinds of wines in this wine city.

  • Caf and co.
  • Dinabar
  • Freestyle bar
  • Le bora
  • kil
  • L’ Autre Entree des oenophiles

What Are the Symptoms and Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease?

Here are the major signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s:

Memory Loss That Disturbs Everyday Life: Memory loss is the most important and common symptom of Alzheimer’s. The patient tends to forget recently learned information and will always be asking for the same thing over and over again. Here are some memory loss scenarios:

  • Unable to identify their kids, neighbors, siblings
  • Forgetting the routes which they travel every day
  • Misplacing things or placing things in unusual places
  • Confused about their own hobbies

Inability to Solve Problems: Sudden change in one’s ability to concentrate. Taking unusually longer to complete familiar tasks and struggling with the monthly budget, which they used to plan with ease.

Confusing Words and Language: Alzheimer’s sufferers may have trouble following or joining a conversation. They often remain silent in the middle, as they have run out of ideas to continue. Referring to items by the wrong name and struggling to find the right word.

Confusion about Time or Place: They get to lose the track of the date, time and even their own address. At times, they forget where they are, and how they got there.

Trouble Recognizing Colors and People: Patients suffering from this chronic neurodegenerative disorder have a problem with vision – they find identifying colors and contrasts quite the challenge.

Constant Mood Swings: Moods keep on changing based on the situation Alzheimer’s sufferers are in. This can make them depressed, confused, annoyed, and suspicious, as it leads them out of their comfort zone.

Some people often confuse these symptoms with age related changes and mood swings. If you notice any of the warning signs of Alzheimer’s, it is better to get it diagnosed early.

Stages of Alzheimer: This disease typically progresses in three stages:

  • Early-Mild
  • Moderate-Middle
  • Severe-Late

Mild Alzheimer’s Disease: Since this is the first and earliest stage of Alzheimer’s, a patient can have the capability to function independently. Still that person will be having issues with memory lapses such as forgetting some words, their office or house address.

Middle Stage (Moderate): This stage will not allow people to function independently. Even though they remember significant details about their life, they cannot survive without help, especially when they are outside the house.

Severe Alzheimer’s disease (Late-stage): This is the most severe stage and it requires round the clock assistance for those affected. Even though they can pronounce words and phrases it would still be difficult for them to participate in a conversation. Since that person is under a tremendous amount of stress, his or her personality changes largely.

All stages and symptoms mentioned here are not professional doctors’ opinions. We are sharing personal experiences and the things we already knew about Alzheimer’s.

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