How to Succeed in Online Dating

Today, more people than ever have immersed themselves into the world of online dating. Though meeting someone on your computer, marrying them and starting a family was considered a novelty a few short years ago, it’s becoming much more common. We’re living busier lives today. Our schedules are packed with action items and “to do” lists that control our days. We don’t have time to look for that special someone using the methods of the past.

Fortunately, online dating offers a powerful way to filter and sift through millions of potential mates as we look for other singles with goals, dreams and aspirations that are similar to our own. Online dating is much like dating in the real world. Here are a few easy-to-implement tips that can help make your dating experience successful.

Narrow The Field

Sites like and Yahoo! Personals literally have millions of members. Use the search function to find other singles that suit your preferences and live nearby. Why waste time looking at profiles of singles that wouldn’t be a good match for your life? Narrow the field to conserve your time.

Making First Contact

When you see someone you like, send them a message. A short, quirky, nice note may be just the thing that gets the other person’s attention. If written in the right way, you can encourage them to respond and maybe even agree to a coffee date later in the week. It all begins with making the first contact.

Slow Down And Enjoy Yourself

Dating is not a race to the finish line. You’re going to meet a lot of interesting people while looking for your ideal match. Slow down. Take the time to enjoy getting to know other singles. Often, if there’s no chemistry, the other person will refer you to a friend with whom you may have more in common. Treat other singles like new friends and you may be surprised by what develops.

Action Drives Results

Nothing happens without your taking action. Don’t just sit at home staring at profiles and looking at pictures. Be proactive in your search for a potential dating partner. Use the search function provided by the dating website. Send people private messages that encourage a response. If there’s a forum, get involved and start chatting with other singles. Taking action propels you toward results.

You’re In Charge

The only thing that remains is your choice to get involved. Online dating success [] can be fun and an exciting way to meet new friends, find casual dating partners and even meet the person with whom you’ll spend your life. But, the only way to make any of those things happen is to decide to participate and then get started. You may end up having lunch with a special person who plays a major role in your life.