Having Insurance for Water Damage

The First Question Should Be is My Water Damage Loss Covered

The variations of water damage to dwellings can be many and many times homeowners are shocked to learn that their specific policy does not cover a particular type of water loss. Being stuck with a high repair out-of-pocket expense can be disheartening to any owner and should be avoided. Steps can be taken to insure this does not happen. First before disaster strikes policies should be reviewed and questions should be asked the home insurance company. Particular insurance policies should be understood and defined to outline the basic water damage coverage. For instance most policies cover damage that occurs from rain that enters through a hole in the roof caused by winds but not water that rises above slab heights and floods carpets and wood floors. There is no insignificant question that can be asked when so much is at stake. A clear understanding is crucial.

Next Question Asked Is My Property Located in a Flood Zone

Flood zones are identified as a Special Flood Hazard Area or SFHA by the Federal Emergency Management Agency otherwise known as FEMA. These areas are identified on a flood map as high risk because of factors such as close proximity to rivers, coastlines receiving storm surges, consistent weather patterns of heavy rainfall and places of development and erosion. FEMA provides online guides to decide where communities are located within the Flood Map and what the exact individual’s risks are. FEMA also provides an enormous amount of information from projected risk scenarios to cost of flooding charts. This information again is critical to decide adequate insurance coverage for a homeowner’s water damage loss. Insurance agents can help give this information also.

My House is Flooded I Have Insurance in Place What Do I Do Now

The adage “Time is of the Essence” rings true in this situation. Water damage increases exponentially as the clock ticks. Flooding will travel along the path of least resistance indoors soaking into drywall, carpet, flooring and sub-flooring compromising the integrity of the structure. Emergency water removal will lessen the damage and cost that’s required for complete restoration. A water mitigation company should be called immediately. They operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week and should be equipped with water extraction equipment, dehumidifiers and air movers to start the process of completely eliminating all humidity and moisture content from the dwelling. The next step should be contacting the claims department with the insurance carrier to file a claim and start the process. A claim adjuster will be able to answer any questions particular to an individual’s policy and issue claim numbers after filing.

Three Spectacular Ss of Bangkok

People from around the world are booking flights to Bangkok. Why? The vibrant city features an intriguing blend of magnificent culture, vivacious nightlife, delicious gastronomy and never ending fun and entertainment. The capital city of Thailand is the prime tourist destination in the entire Southeast Asia. The following three Ss make Bangkok a spectacular destination to plan your holiday.

First S: Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit Road is one of the major highways in the country and serves as the leading commercial district, the road follows a route along the coast line from Bangkok to Trat and stretches more than 400 Km. In the capital, Sukhumvit Road serves as a main commercial street, and can be defined as a major shopping area or a night-time district home to everything, whether you are fond of shopping, want to experience the dazzling nightlife, or satiate your taste buds with cuisines from around the world, Sukhumvit has it all. While strolling around, you will come across people from Europe, Americas, and Oceania and of course, Asia. This road really depicts the cosmopolitan culture of this magnificent city.

For shopaholics, The Emporium Bangkok is a must visit attraction. The first three levels of the mall feature world renowned fashion brands. Those who want to keep themselves up to date with the latest gadgets should start exploring the mall from the third floor. A shopping heaven for those who likes this sort of things.

Sukhumvit is also home to Patpong, arguably the most notorious nightlife zone in the city. This zone is home to numerous go to bars and clubs where you can enjoy an extravagant Thai night out.

Second S: Silom

Silom is primarily an important financial district in the city or businessmen’s prime attraction in Bangkok. Besides being home to the headquarters of leading banks, the area also features magnificent contemporary architecture, world-class hotels and multi-cuisine restaurants. One of the most prominent attractions in this part of Bangkok is the Silom Complex situated just a walk away from the skytrain and underground.

The Silom Complex features multi-leveled Central Department Stores along with several local as well as international boutiques. Some of the most distinguished brands that entice shopping enthusiasts are Accessorize, Muji, Mango and Asia Books. This is a great place if you want to escape the busy, and chaotic street outside, and just relax for a moment is an air-conditioned space where you can shop and eat.

Third S: Siam

MBK Center, Siam Discovery Center, Siam Paragon and Siam Center create an urge in tourists to spend their holidays in Siam, one of the most sought after tourist areas in Bangkok. Like Sukhumvit, Siam also features gigantic shopping malls and eclectic bars and nightclubs. However, one thing that distinguishes Siam from other notable areas is the family attractions. Siam Ocean World, Bangkok’s only Aquarium is the best example. Siam Discovery Center is another family attraction that should be considered, especially if you are visiting the Thai capital with your family. Hard Rock CafĂ© and Concept CM2 highlight the exclusiveness of Siam’s nightlife.

Bangkok, the name is enough to create an impression of party-like-environment. If you are planning your next holiday in the city and don’t want to miss to experience the spectacular feel, visiting these three Ss is a must.

Eco-Friendly Travel

According to research from the Green Hotel Association, an organization in Texas that promotes ecological consciousness in the hospitality industry, 43 million U.S. travelers say they are concerned about the environment. As a result the travel industry is making an effort to promote green initiatives. In today’s travel environment it is not difficult for consumers to be more eco-friendly.

Car rental companies Hertz, Budget and Avis are adding more fuel-efficient cars to their fleet, and many limo companies use hybrid vehicles. Hertz promotes it has nearly 35,000 in its Green Collection fleet. While 100% of Budget rental vehicles in economy, compact and intermediate categories, and 98% of standard and full-size car classes have met stringent U.S. EPA guidelines and are SmartWay Certified. Each vehicle receives an Air Pollution Score and a Greenhouse Gas Score, on a scale of 1-10. For the SmartWay designation, a vehicle must receive a 6 or better on both scores, and have a total score of at least 13. At Avis approximately half the fleet have a fuel efficiency rating of 28 miles per gallon or better (highway). One-fourth of the fleet is rated at 30 miles per gallon (highway) or better.

The Fairmont Hotel chain offers in-room information, recycling bins, optional sheet and towel replacement at select locations, energy-efficient lighting, and water-conserving showerheads, toilets and tap aerators. Their eco-cuisine menus incorporate local, seasonal and organically grown foods wherever possible. Special menus for Eco-Meet can also include a 50-percent reduction in animal proteins, supplemented by vegetable proteins at meal functions. Select Fairmont hotels and resorts have their own herb gardens or the ability to adjust their cuisine to utilize seasonings locally grown featuring dishes using those ingredients. The emphasis is on healthy, environmentally friendly and delicious food.

Aloft Hotels, a member of the Starwood Hotel collection, opened their first location in Canada in 2008 and now have 38 locations around the world offering a unique hotel experience. Aloft is really about the self-sufficient traveler who has a lot of energy, a positive vibe and certainly tech-savvy design focused.

The experience at their location in Lexington, Massachusetts begins upon arrival, with park-like landscaping that offers the chance for a breath of fresh air. Premium parking spots are allocated for hybrid cars to reward the most eco-minded guests. Guest rooms contain natural materials like cork and sustainable wood veneers which are integrated into the hotel’s design. Their pools even use a cleaner, greener saline solution.

Australia’s award winning resort located just 45 mins north of Cairns, and just south of Port Douglas, Thala Beach Lodge resides on the only private beach in the area. It provides the perfect location to explore the Great Barrier Reef, private coastal beaches and tropical rainforest, with individual private bungalows that are set overlooking the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, World Heritage listed rainforest and lush tropical beaches.

At a time when there are great concerns about fragile environments, Thala Beach Lodge proudly boasts that it has achieved the highest accreditation of eco certification through its sustainable practice and environmental sensitivity.

Located at one of the most fascinating Mexican biological reserves, nestled on a 3 mile virgin beach is the Hotel Eco Paraiso which features bungalows each overlooking the emerald green Gulf of Mexico.

Celestun, Yucatan, Mexico is a main feeding area for the Pink Flamingo and countless species of waterfowl and shore birds. It was decreed a Special Biosphere Reserve in 1989. By definition, this is a zone of one or more ecosystems that haven’t been altered by man.

At Buck Island Reef National Monument, the reef surrounding was named America’s first-ever underwater national monument in 1961 which, naturally, has resulted in an ecosystem so thriving and well-preserved that 30,000 visitors a year flock to see it, making it the single most popular attraction on St. Croix, in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Eco-friendly vacations are numerous and if you are willing to adjust your vacation travel dates, you are among the 61 percent of Americans who in order to save money are willing to travel during “off peak” periods when the prices may be more favorable. This trend seems to transcend all age categories. While weather conditions may not be perfect, the savings travelers may realize by traveling in the off season can represent a valuable sum.