The Intellectual Appetite and Online Dating

For people who believe that the life of the mind is a major ingredient in the joy of life, deep intellectuality is a quality that is valued and desired in choosing social settings in which to meet new friends, choose who they wish to date, form relationships or eventually find the person that they choose to marry. Singles who possess a healthy intellectual curiosity and want to meet other like-minded individuals face challenges in the online dating world. In today’s fast moving, materialistic society many people no longer have time to explore the intellectual interests that they may have pursued in college.

Online dating is tough enough; complaints about dating site members who misrepresent themselves and the difficulty in finding compatible dating partners are common. The advent of niche online dating produces better selectivity and focus and improves the likelihood of finding a compatible match. At the very least, narrowing the field down to a shared commonality of interests should ensure that two people will have something to talk about when they are out on their first date! However, a dating site that encourages an array of philosophical and intellectual interests would accomplish even more! Intellectual communication is more than a sharing of common interests; it involves the sharing of values and viewpoints along a wide spectrum of subjects ranging widely from the arts to politics to spirituality and to the philosophy of life.

There is no reason why philosophy, literature, the arts, and the range of intellectual pursuits–thinking for the sake of thinking–cannot be broadened so that it may become a much more common aspect of socializing for both for singles and non singles and made accessible to everyone. It should not be necessary to have a career in academia, or to work in the arts or in the field of literature in order to mix, mingle and communicate in cultural venues that perpetuate an appreciation of the great ideas of classical wisdom as well as the latest advances and trends in science and the arts. Tired of the same ‘ole same ‘ole in online dating? The increasing popularity of niche dating sites are making it possible for people to connect in environments that are congenial on intellectual levels as well as on equally important factors such as temperament, shared activities, general likes and dislikes and, of course, basic attraction. For the philosophically and intellectually inclined, the mixture of these ingredients and the interactive means to express these commonalities bode well for a brave new world in online dating.

Niche online dating should become a major trend that not only fills the needs of the singles and online dating communities, but philosophical-intellectual-cultural dating sites can become a positive cultural force that raises the bar for the Everyman and the Everywoman. Philosophy, perhaps the most abstract of disciplines, is paradoxically also the most practical. What is more practical than ideas and perspectives about beauty and truth, living the good life and right livelihood? What is more important than forging new understandings about the social, political and economic issues of our nation and of the world through a conscious effort to achieve mental and conceptual clarity. This is what practical philosophy is all about, and it all starts with the building and maintaining of our personal relationships. Online dating can make a significant contribution and become an important and novel cultural trend.


How to Succeed in Online Dating

Today, more people than ever have immersed themselves into the world of online dating. Though meeting someone on your computer, marrying them and starting a family was considered a novelty a few short years ago, it’s becoming much more common. We’re living busier lives today. Our schedules are packed with action items and “to do” lists that control our days. We don’t have time to look for that special someone using the methods of the past.

Fortunately, online dating offers a powerful way to filter and sift through millions of potential mates as we look for other singles with goals, dreams and aspirations that are similar to our own. Online dating is much like dating in the real world. Here are a few easy-to-implement tips that can help make your dating experience successful.

Narrow The Field

Sites like and Yahoo! Personals literally have millions of members. Use the search function to find other singles that suit your preferences and live nearby. Why waste time looking at profiles of singles that wouldn’t be a good match for your life? Narrow the field to conserve your time.

Making First Contact

When you see someone you like, send them a message. A short, quirky, nice note may be just the thing that gets the other person’s attention. If written in the right way, you can encourage them to respond and maybe even agree to a coffee date later in the week. It all begins with making the first contact.

Slow Down And Enjoy Yourself

Dating is not a race to the finish line. You’re going to meet a lot of interesting people while looking for your ideal match. Slow down. Take the time to enjoy getting to know other singles. Often, if there’s no chemistry, the other person will refer you to a friend with whom you may have more in common. Treat other singles like new friends and you may be surprised by what develops.

Action Drives Results

Nothing happens without your taking action. Don’t just sit at home staring at profiles and looking at pictures. Be proactive in your search for a potential dating partner. Use the search function provided by the dating website. Send people private messages that encourage a response. If there’s a forum, get involved and start chatting with other singles. Taking action propels you toward results.

You’re In Charge

The only thing that remains is your choice to get involved. Online dating success [] can be fun and an exciting way to meet new friends, find casual dating partners and even meet the person with whom you’ll spend your life. But, the only way to make any of those things happen is to decide to participate and then get started. You may end up having lunch with a special person who plays a major role in your life.


What Are Lottery Syndicates And How To Avoid Lottery Scams

If you are to look on the Internet for ways to improve your chances of winning the lottery then a lottery syndicate will nearly definitely be discovered within your results. Many people automatically assign lottery syndicates as some kind of scam, or as some kind of dodgy pyramid scheme where people can lose money whilst funding other peoples lottery tickets.

It is quite understandable that people doubt the authenticity and reputations of these lottery syndicates, it is human nature and there are so many lottery scams out there on the Internet. The lottery has received quite a bad name in recent times due to all the dodgy e-mails claiming that someone has won millions of dollars from a lottery that they never even participated in. Fortunately most lottery syndicates are completely safe and well worth joining.

A lottery syndicate is just a group of people who team up to purchase large quantities of lottery tickets to improve their chances of winning money on the lottery. It is quite a simple idea behind lottery syndicates – by purchasing lots of lottery tickets you are greatly increasing your chances of winning the lottery. With a lottery syndicate if anyone in the syndicate group wins money on the lottery, the prize winnings are split equally with all members of the syndicate. Therefore if you win a jackpot prize it will be split amongst all members of the syndicate, but this is only fair because lottery syndicates enables the players to have a much greater chance of winning money on the lottery. It wouldn’t work if people didn’t equally split their winnings through the syndicate!

If you are unsure of a lottery syndicate or think you have been approached by some kind of lottery scam then it is worth trying to do some background research. Try and find out if they are affiliated with the lottery that they are claiming to be part of, and try using Internet search engines to research more about that lottery. Most lottery scams and lottery syndicate scams receive a lot of negative press on the Internet so you should have no problem finding out whether a syndicate is safe or not.

If you can join an authentic lottery syndicate website then this is highly recommended. Not only do they greatly improve your chances of winning the lottery but they also represent very good value too, as well as the fact that they take away a lot of hassle involved with the lottery. No longer do you have to go to the shop to purchase tickets or collect winnings and you don’t even have to check the lottery results – it is all done automatically and any winnings are instantly sent out by the syndicate.